Track Retail Workforce

Monitor your retail workforce’s attendance and store visits.

About us

Perform Retail Audits

Check shelf availability of your products, record inventory and delivery, monitor sales entries and quotas.

Get Actionable Reports

More visibility and quick feedback from all your retail outlets.

how to use

Use RetailWhiz in 3 easy steps:

1. Customize the app

Upload your database, customize the report forms, and set up your retail workforce’s store assignments.

2. Download mobile app and deploy to your retail workforce

Download the RetailWhiz mobile app from Google Play.

3. View all reports from your retail field force

Log in to the web app to view and download all reports.

Why Use RetailWhiz?

RetailWhiz is the right tool for your company. Get desired results with our app!

ease of use

Instantly deploy the app to your retail workforce right after setup. Sign in to the web app to view reports from the field. No complex configurations.

quick feedback

Get instant updates from online users, as compared to manual reports which could take up to a week.

Accurate reports

View actual photos , date, time, and location stamps.

actionable data

Real time reports allow you to act quickly on issues that are critical to your bottomline.

secure data

Keep your data safe on the cloud with enterprise-grade security features.


RetailWhiz Mobile App and Web App

Mobile App

Attendance Tracking

Check in and out of stores to record the visit time and location (via GPS).

Delivery and Inventory

Check delivered items and remaining stocks in the storage area.


Get news updates and other announcements from the office.

Shelf Availability Report

Record which and how many products are in shelves. Take photos of store shelves. Get data on where products fly off the shelves or where turnover is slow and how products perform in particular stores.

Take Photos

All photos are taken in-app and cannot be stored in or pulled from the gallery, therefore ensuring the integrity of the photos.

Offline Access

Use the app even when offline. Internet connection is needed only to sync data and submit reports.

Customizable Surveys

Use customized forms to gather any kind of information from stores such as promos, competitors, pricing, and more.

Sales Entry

Record and verify sales and keep track of quotas for incentive.

App Passcode

Added layer of security to keep your data protected.

Web App

Workforce Tracking

Get a map view of your retail workforce’s actual location during store visits (the mobile app prompts users to turn on GPS to ensure that location data can be gathered). Users are required to check in and out with each store visit so you can keep track of their location and time spent in the stores.


Real-time feed of all activities of your online users. Easily do spot checks as needed.

Consolidated and Downloadable Reports

  • Get information on time, location and duration of your retail workforce’s store visits
  • Know which items are out-of stock
  • Instantly know which branches have the items that your customers are looking for
  • Audit and validate sales entries
  • Conveniently view all photos through the gallery
  • Get tallied survey results

Easy Administration and Customization

  • Add multiple users, stores and products at once via CSV upload
  • Create store assignments and visit schedules
  • Customize the default report forms (Shelf Availability, Inventory, Delivery, Sales Entry)
  • Create customized survey forms using drag-and-drop tools

Account and Billing

Access all invoices and easily update your account information

FAQs and Support

  • Get help and instructions on how to use RetailWhiz
  • Submit support tickets for bugs and other issues
Wishing there was something more that RetailWhiz could do? We welcome feature requests!

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Security of your data is the top priority of RetailWhiz. Here’s how we
protect your data and privacy:

256-bit encryption / SSL
Enterprise-grade encryption of your data. This is the same system used by banks and other institutions with sensitive data.
App Passcode
Never worry in case your field users lose or leave their devices unattended.
Secure Authentication
RetailSmarts uses two-factor authentication to verify user identity.
Google Cloud Infrastructure
Benefit from the robust security features of the Google cloud service.

Retailwhiz has been updated to Kustom360